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We just purchased a large selection of preowned Stence round ball molds.  These are the famous red handle molds made by Tom Stence from Ashland, Ohio from 1930's to 1990's. The blocks and handles are solid steel.  These molds were made with precision machining that resulted in a durable and accurate mold that is sought after today by both collectors and shooters.  All in very good condition.   The inventory as of 9-21-16 is: 1 each of .300, .320,.340,.370..415,.498,.505,.540,570,580,.675.  2 each of .375,.380,.395,.435,.445,.450,.451 (44 REM),.465,.680.  3 each of .490.  4 each of .430,.440.  Price is $59.95 each 2 for $100.00 plus shipping.  PLEASE CONTACT US VIA PHONE OR INTERNET PRIOR TO ORDERING TO CONFIRM WHAT WE HAVE LEFT IN STOCK.