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The Gauntlet Runner, A Tale From the French and Indian War
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THE GAUNTLET RUNNER A Tale From The French and Indian War by S. Thomas Bailey. Softbound. Private Jacob Murray, a Pennsylvanian volunteer in the ranks of George Washington’s Militia, is scouting almost impassable Ohio Valley wilderness in May 1754. Together with his twin brother, Israel, and two Mingo warriors, Jacob searches for a party of French troops encroaching on British soil. Back at home, Murray’s wife and their four children carve out a meager existence until a group of French and Huron war parties raid their farm. Taken captive, they are unsure if they will live to see their husband and father again. With word spreading that French-backed Huron raiding parties are decimating the Pennsylvania countryside and taking white captives, Major Washington, Murray, and a French officer bent on revenge are destined to cross paths. The Gauntlet Runner tells a tale of fractured lives, broken treaties, and the stark realities of the struggles faced by early American settlers as they risk their lives to cultivate the young, formidable nation.