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HEIGHTS OF HELL, The Gauntlet Runner Book V
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HEIGHTS OF HELL The Gauntlet Runner Book V. by S. Thomas Bailey. Softbound. Standing alone amidst the aftermath of yet another unfathomable defeat, Jacobís thoughts turn north to his wife Maggie and the wilderness that stands between them like the French abbitas at Fort Carillon.
He would head north with his son James, if not for the cruel unyielding attention of a British officer bent on his ruin. For the time being, he fights back his longing and bides his time while he waits for an opportunity to present itself. The fifth novel in the award-winning series, The Gauntlet Runner, Heights of Hell is a fast-paced story that plunges readers into the vast, unexplored forests of 1758 New York and the doomed defeat of another British army. Experience the courage of the Black Watch, the near death of the vaunted Robert Rogers and the raw emotion consuming both Jacob and Maggie as their paths seemingly moves them in the opposite direction. No. 703420