From Laurel Mountain Forge - A deep penetrating, non-grain-raising, colorfast stain specially made for antique firearms. Antique wood stain is concentrated, making it very economical to use. One 4 oz. bottle will stain many stocks, handles, etc and can easily be combined with other antique stains to create different colors. Can be added directly to Laurel Mountain Permalyn Finish, especially useful when refinishing worn areas or in restock work. requires a sealer applied before a final finish. For best results, use Permalyn Sealer and Permalyn Finish. This system produces a very durable, low gloss finish with a beautiful antique color.

MAPLE- (No. 60AWSM) an amber color with red undertones. When used on walnut, gives stronger red undertones than a walnut stain. CHERRY (No. 60AWSC) - a deep red brown color. Brings out red undertones when used on cherry or any other wood. WALNUT- (No. 60AWSW) Classic walnut color with subtle red undertones. Not as red as cherry stain. HONEY MAPLE- ( No. 60101) On light colored woods, such as maple, produces a rich honey color. More honey yellow than maple stain. LANCASTER MAPLE-  ( No. 60102) Rich brown color with honey-yellow undertones. NUT BROWN- ( No. 60103) On maple, has more brown tone than maple stain. Works well on wood without much figure. AMERICAN WALNUT- (No. 60104) Much less red in color than Walnut or Cherry stains. When used on lighter tone woods, produces a rich brown color without the amber or red undertones.

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