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PLACE OF THE SKULL, The Untold Story of Vengence, Blood, and the British Flag at Wheeling
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PLACE OF THE SKULL, The Untold Story of Vengeance, Blood, and the British Flag at Wheeling. by Alan Fitzpatrick. Softbound, 5-1/2”x 8-1/2”. There is a mystery surrounding Wheeling, West Virginia’s earliest history that persists to this day. It is a mystery that predates the arrival of the Zane family from Virginia in 1769 and the building of Fort Henry in 1774. These two events are generally accepted as the beginning of Wheeling’s history during the Colonial frontier period. But this is not so. The mystery lies in the meaning of the name Wheeling. What does the name mean? Why was Wheeling given this name and by whom, and for what reason? There in lies the mystery. The translation of Wheeling is “Place of the Scalped Head” or Place of the Skull".    No. 703462        Each $19.95