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MORE .45-70 SPRINGFIELDS 1873-1893
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MORE .45-70 SPRINGFIELDS 1873-1893 The Uncommon, the Scarce & the Rare by Richard A. Hosmer. Soft bound, 316 pages, 6”x9”. This book contains detailed descriptions, serial number data and photographs of every rare variety of the .45-70 Springfield. Included are Sporting Rifles, the Metcalfe device, M1875 Officer’s Rifles, M1880 Triangular rod-bayonet rifle and more. In addition individual, comprehensive chapters are devoted to the 1875 Lee-Springfield “vertical breech”, Winchester-Hotchkiss repeating arms assembled by Springfield and the rare Chaffee-Reece magazine gun from the 1882 trials. Also contains the largest known accumulation of the early model 1873 carbine serial numbers from the “Custer Period”. A terrific reference for every collector and student.  No. 703477 

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