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This is a rare opportunity to own a matching pair of handmade custom flintlock pistols by Jesse Brennan. Jesse is the son of renowned gun builder Jud Brennan and Jesse has learned well the craft of the master. The Brennan family of craftsmen are known for their superior quality in all aspects of gunbuilding from stock carving to making hand forged locks, from knives to horns and accouterments. The utmost attention to detail and historical accuracy is evident in all they do.

This is a beautiful cased set of .45 caliber Kentucky style flintlock pistols. Stocked in highly figured curly maple the curl is tight and consistent from muzzle to butt. The stocks are stained in a warm,  medium brown allowing the figure of the wood to clearly show through. The stocks are artfully aged and appear darker in all the places an antique set should; around the lock panel and lock plate, trigger guard, grip and the contours at the entry thimble and nose cap making them look well used. Stocks are 15-1/2" overall weighing 2.4 pounds. The antiqued brass hardware adding warmth of this set includes a 1-1/2" brass nose cap, five sided thimbles and triggerguard with a triangle detail at the front of the bow.

Each of these pistols feature a 10-3/4", .45 caliber rifled barrel. The barrels have a very pleasing mottled antique finish nicely complimenting the stock. Each has a tiny front sight set into the barrel (there is no sight base) and an inlayed plate with "Jesse Brennan & Co" neatly engraved. There is no rear sight. The barrel is attached to the stock two pins and the flared and shaped breech plug tang has one screw. The bores are clean and bright.

The flintlocks are 4-5/8" long and 3/4" high both function and spark well. The locks are attached with two lock bolts and have a heavily aged finish that matches the barrel perfectly. The single trigger has a comfortable wide face and attractive curled tail.

This pair come housed in a curly maple, dovetailed box lined in dark red felt. The box has brass hardware and the keys are present. There is a small, custom  powder horn that has a screw top as well as a screw bottom. This unique horn is aged to go along with the set perfectly. In addition there is a forged turn screw with hardwood handle, hand forged vent pick with decorative finial,  some English flints as well as a small hand full of lead ball.

Additional Photographs are available upon request.