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Dennis Priddy of Michigan is well known for his elegant rifles and masterful engraving. He is also known to many for his many years teaching and demonstrating the gunbuilding craft. He is often found at Gun Maker's hall at the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association's shoots in June and September sharing his skills and talents freely to all who are interested in the art. Mr. Priddy is a competitive shooter which is evident in the way his rifles handle and preform on the range and in the field.

Offered here is a preowned .40 caliber handmade flintlock rifle by Dennis Priddy stocked in an lovely piece of figured walnut with nickel silver furniture. The sliding wood patchbox opens and closes smoothly and is accented with a carved border and shell finial on the stock. An incise carving detail at the wrist to comb transition is carried over the wrist to the left side where it flows into the cheek piece and then into the carved Rococo C scroll, all perfectly executed.  The tang is surrounded by an incise border terminating in a carved shell design mirroring the patchbox detail.

Nickle silver mounts include an oval cheek inlay delicately engraved with a floral design and border,  a round nickle silver wrist inlay with the initials " J L" engraved in script. The silver sideplate is engraved with a dogwood flower around the lock bolt and accents at the front and rear of the plate. The silver toe plate 3-1/2" long with a daisy head finial. Round nickel silver thimbles with wedding bands hold the ramrod and the entry thimble with a tapered tail is engraved with some tasteful scroll work. The triggerguard is accented with a simple nick border around the bow.

The .40 caliber 7/8" barrel is 42" long and finished in a pleasing blue/black finish. At fourteen inches from the breech the barrel has some file work and nine flats from the file detail to the muzzle. An inlayed silver band accents the barrel 1/2" from the muzzle. A flat top Kentucky style rear sight and a blade front sight are installed.

The small Siler flintlock is nicely aged, sparks and functions well. Overall length is 58", 14" length of pull. Weight is 9 pounds.

This slim rifle with its classic architecture and attention to detail make will make a wonderful addition to any collection. The weight and balance will make it a great shooter.

Additional photographs available upon request.