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Well know builder Jerry Kirklin of Birmingham, Mo was born in 1938 and began building muzzleloading rifles full time in 1975. He is known for his high quality work and attention to detail. This rifle is featured in the book  Contemporary Makers of Muzzle Loading Firearms by Robert Weil on pages 162-165.

This rifle is a copy of an Andrew Verner rifle Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The curly maple stock stained in a dark brown with a slight red undertone accents the figure well and compliments the brass hardware, incise carving and wire work. The brass side opening patch box is in the style of Verner and operates with a hidden push button release in the toe plate. The box is highly engraved and has a heart shaped piercing at the finial. The 2" brass toe plate is engraved around the screw head in a floral design and also features a nice border. Brass buttplate is 1-7/8" wide, 5" long and return has three flats. The triggerguard surrounding the single trigger has a pointed oval engraved on the bow. Brass lock plate is attached with two screws and features two filed facets at the tail. The front thimbles are two inches long with five flats and band detail at the end. The entry thimble matches the upper with a long flared tail engraved with shell pattern flowing into a large, highly engraved inlay. A 1-3/4" plain brass nose cap completes the brass hardware.

This piece has a nickel silver double headed eagle in lay below the entry thimble, finely engraved. An engraved, eight pointed hunter's star cheek inlay is attached with a small decorative brass nail in the center. A 1-1/4" round wrist inlay features a flowing engraved border. Silver wire work accents the toe plate, trigger guard and lock panel. Incise carving on the fore stock, wrist, comb and cheek complete the many fine details of this rifle.

The .50 caliber, 46-1/2", tapered and flared barrel is aged in a nice plum brown color and features a flat top rear sight and silver blade front sight with a grass base. The barrel is signed J. Kirklin in script behind the rear sight.  The flintlock is 5-1/8" ling and 7/8" high. The lock runs smoothly and sparks well.

The overall length is 62" with a 13-1/2" trigger pull. Weight is 8.2 pounds.

This rifle complements a the set of  flintlock pistols found elsewhere on this page. A package price is available for anyone who wished to purchase both rifle and pistols. Please contact us for details. Additional photographs available upon request.