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Product Code: Jerry Kirklin Pistols
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This is a lovely set of curly maple stoked flintlock pistols by artist Jerry Kirklin of Missouri. Mr. Kirklin's work is featured in Robert Weil's book Contemporary Makers of Muzzle Loading Firearms and has been widely coveted for many years. This Cased set compliments the rifle listed on this page with matching finishes and the same double headed eagle inlay.

These lovely pistols are stocked in maple stained a dark brown with a red undertone. The pistols are 14" overall length with 9-1/4" straight taper, .50 caliber barrels. The barrels are .860" at the breech tapering to .740" at the muzzle. Barrels are finished in a warm brown color with "J Kirklin" engraved in script on the top flat. There is a low front blade sight dovetailed 1-1/2" from the muzzle, no rear sight is present. The rifled bores are bright and clean.

The small flintlocks are 4-3/4" long and 7/8" high each has a graceful border and leaf engraved on the hammer. The locks function well with the single trigger and throw a good amount of sparks.

The brass hardware has a nice natural looking aged patina. The Kentucky style buttcap is engraved with a border line around the circumference and a floral design around the screw. The trigger guard repeats this theme on the front of the guard and an engraved flower on the bow. A pointed tail entry thimble and round upper thimble hold the ram rod. A 7/8" brass nose cap continues the decoration. The brass sideplate is attached with two screws and has some filed details at the tail the floral pattern is repeated around the upper lock bolt. Nickel silver inlays include a double headed eagle at the grip and an eight pointed hunters star ahead of the trigger guard, both nicely engraved. Well executed incise carving finishes the set with carving around the lock panel and mortise, breech plug tang, entry thimble and fore stock. Weight is two pounds each.

This pair of pistols is housed in a dovetailed wood box with brass hardware and brown felt lining. The box has some scratches and wear but still makes an attractive display. Also included in the box are a forged vent pick with an antler handle pan brush, brass powder measure, pan primer and vent pick in a case, some jags, spare flints and a few lead ball.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this lovely set. A package price is available for anyone who wished to purchase both rifle and pistols. Please contact us for details. Additional photographs are available upon request.