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THE GUNSMITH OF GRENVILLE COUNTY DVD SET by  Peter Alexander. 5 disc set. Completely remastered and compiled into a convenient collection that follows the revised edition of the book. Disc 1 covers laying out the stock, cutting & shaping, inletting the lock, shaping & inletting breech plug tang & finishing the lock internals. Disc 2 includes preparing the butt plate, inletting the butt plate with several methods, shaping the stock. Disc 3 continues with completing the butt stock, planning the forestock, mortices for lugs, making & installing lugs, making & installing barrel keys, installing touch hole liner & coning the barrel, ramrod pipes. Disc 4 covers shaping the forestock, fastening the stock & barrel, installing the muzzle cap. The 5th disc is a bonus disc with topics that do not easily fit into the other discs including, inletting a swamp barrel, final ornamentation, finishing a ramrod & inletting lugs on a round barrel. A fantastic addition to any gunbuilder's library.                 862699    Each $90.00
Gunsmith of Grenville County companion book   702699    Each $45.00