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BUILDING THE DANIEL BOONE RIFLE Featuring MIKE MILLER. Daniel Boone crossed the Cumberland Gap in 1769 to explore the vast wilderness of Kentucky. Over the course of his life Boone is documented to have owned many different rifles and a long barrel fowler, but what rifle he carried on his epic journey into the Dark and Bloody ground is pure speculation. The only reference comes from his grandson, Nathan Boone who stated Danielís rifle he carried into Kentucky shot a one-ounce ball. A .66 caliber.
    Noted gunbuilder Mike Miller from Edmonton Kentucky uses his vast knowledge of American firearms to recreate a likely possibility of what must be very similar to what Daniel Boone would have carried: a brass mounted, maple-stocked, long-barreled flintlock rifle with wooden patchbox., featuring bold architecture that was prevalent prior to the Revolution.
    Mike demonstrates his techniques to teach how to build this traditional flintlock rifle. Starting with a curly maple blank, a long tapered and flared octagon barrel, a lock and some brass castings, Mike demonstrates in detail how you can build a fine flintlock rifle that would have been common on the frontier among longhunters and early settlers.
4 disc set. Runtime 5 hours and 20 minutes.