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A SERPENT"S TALE, Discovering America's Ancient Mound Builders
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A SERPENT”S TALE, Discovering America’s Ancient Mound Builders by Lorett Treese. Hardbound, 6”x9”, 290 pages. When American settlers firs crossed the Appalachian Mountains they were amazed to discover that the wilderness beyond contained ancient ruins-large man-made mounds and enclosures, and impressive earthen sculptures, such as a gigantic serpent. Most people at the time did not believe these earthen works had anything to do with Native Americans, they speculated the ruins had been built by refugees from Greece, Rome, Egypt or even the lost continent of Atlantis. Many of these Earthen works were lost to agriculture and urban development before the intellectual community realized the only way to know the truth about these works was through careful on-site study, giving rise to modern archaeology.  No.  703461                Each $28.00