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LOG CABIN SHOP and Historical Center

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"Serving the Black Powder Community for Over 60 Years"

Over sixty (65) years ago (back in 1940), Wes Kindig began what was to become the Log Cabin Shop in Lodi, Ohio. Sons Dan and Rick have continued the tradition of supplying muzzle loading (black powder) guns and accessories to hunters, re-enactors and target shooters alike. Dan has been heavily involved with the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, serving both as President and Treasurer, and member of the Board of Directors. Dan has also been active in the shooting aspect as a competitor and national champion as well as supplying the shooters at the Friendship, Indiana National matches for over sixty years. Many of you have probably met Rick on the Rendezvous trail, traveling to numerous rendezvous and festivals throughout the United States each year. 

The Log Cabin Shop is located 2 miles northeast of Lodi, Ohio, on U.S. Route 42. Our 8200 sq. ft. showroom offers a complete line of products for the recreational and competitive black powder shooter including GOEX BLACK POWDER, Swiss and Schutzen Black Powders (black powder is available for pick up only. Must be 21 years old to purchase black powder!).  You will find factory new and used plus custom made muzzle loading rifles, pistols and smooth bore firearms as well as all the accoutrements from molds to bags and horns, and much more in the store. A public shooting range (for muzzle loaders only) is the perfect way to sight in your rifle, get in a little practice or to spend an afternoon with friends. A gunsmith is available for any problems or difficulties you may encounter while shooting or building your muzzle loader plus a wide variety of replacement parts are available for Thompson Center, Traditions, L & R and more.  The Log Cabin Shop also carries a variety of supplies for the pre-1840's re-enactor. A library of information is available in the over 1,000 titles of books specializing in early American history and the history and development of muzzle loading firearms. In addition to the specialized new books stocked you will find over 30,000 used titles on every subject.  

Expanding our horizons, a 2400 sq. ft. addition now houses a classroom and museum which features a lifetime collection of 17th and 18th century artifacts including a large collection of early Ohio rifles and U.S. Military rifles, tools relating to gun making and early American life, plus Native American artifacts all on display for viewing and study. The museum is also used as a back drop for presentations on local history and Early American life for area school groups, boy scouts and other groups. For more information on presentations please contact the store to schedule a presentation for your group. A workshop where seminars and classes on gun building, engraving, carving, scrimshaw, etc. are held rounds out the facilities at the Log Cabin Shop.  Check out our Events Calendar for a complete listing of seminars, classes, etc. being offered.

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Located 2 mi. NE of Lodi on US Rt. 42; 7 mi. SW of Medina; 40 mi. SW of Cleveland