by Anthony Scotti.  Softbound, 304 pages.  Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton is one of the most infamous figures in the annals of American Revolutionary War history, as evidenced in the major motion picture The Patriot.  His British legion was an extremely mobile military formation, consisting of both cavalry and light infantry.  It participated in most of the major engagements fought in the Southern theater, and its Loyalist members committed frequent excesses on and off the battlefield.  This book is more than a mere reassessment of Banastre Tarleton and the British Legion in the Southern campaigns.  The author attempts to dispel the image of the dragoon leader as "Bloody Tarleton" by introducing the reader to the myth-making process in American history, and then provides objective background information on Tarleton's early career and his command's formation and structure.

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BRUTAL VIRTUE, The Myth and Reality of Banastre Tarleton

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